Rand Creek Ranch, 3080 Northfork Highway, Wapiti, Wyoming 82450.  Phone: 307-587-3200, Email: [email protected], Website: www.randcreekranch.com.  Boarding + Layovers.  We are a small guest ranch located between Cody, WY and the East Gate of Yellowstone.  We have outdoor corrals and access out the back door to thousands of miles of trails.  Riding Trails, Lodging for Humans.
Ladder Ranch, PO Box 159, Savery, Wyoming 82332.  Phone: 307-383-2413, Email: [email protected], Website: www.ladderranch.com.  Bed & Breakfast + Layovers.  We are a working ranch located in the beautiful Little Snake River Valley.  We invite people to come with their horses to stay with us.  You can stay in a cabin or park your living quarters and plug in.  We have outdoor pens available.  Private Paddocks, Riding Trails, LQ Trailer Hookups (electric and/or water), Lodging for Humans.