About Us
I, Connie, come from a family of 5 girls and 2 boys.  All 5 of us girls own, have owned or LOVE horses.   This is our family!!!

 Jeannie (1958-2016), the original founder of the TravelingHorse.com website, enjoyed jumping, showing and dressage.  Her two horses, Whiskey who passed on in 2004, and Phantom who currently stayed in Washington to be a lesson horse, were her loves in life.  They enjoyed traveling and moving around the mid and western parts of the USA.  Jeannie loved her Thoroughbreds and Morgans.  Jeannie left us in 2016 after a very long fight with cancer.

Connie had 3 horses, Ranger - Heza lil Tuff, Gigi - Impressive G Force and Hanna - Hanna Montana (2007-2016), who she loved to show and ride.  All three horses stayed in MN (we didn't travel) and enjoyed life.  As a mother of 4 children and grandmother of 12 grandchildren, horses have always been a love of mine.  I love my Quyarter Horses and Paints.  I am now the current owner/manager of the Traveling Horse website.

Another of the sisters, Cindy, has had 3 horses, Smokey, Cheyenne (1998-2003) and Sadie- Zippos Sunday Lady, a beautiful Quarter Horse.  They enjoy Western Pleasure shows, learning english riding and always good for a long trail ride!  Cindy also has 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters.  One of her beloved granddaughters passed in 2011 from a long fight with cancer.  There is no doubt she is riding Whiskey with her Aunt Jeannie in heaven!

Peggy, a sister just a little older than Jeannie, has owned horses and loves to ride the mountains of Montana or a great trail ride.  Their horses names are Misty, Rocket, Smokey (who did travel from Montana to Minnesota and back to Montana for his final days), Cherokee and Tiger.  She has a daughter and son, and 1 very handsome young grandson.

The oldest sister (but youngest at heart) and wisest is Allona.  Allona has 1 son.  She left the cold of Chicago and Minneapolis for the much warmer tempuratures of Florida.  Told you she was the wisest!  Allona has never owned a horse but sure carries the love of them along with the rest of us girls.  

We have a brother Todd, who struggled with MS for most of his adult life.  He left us in 2002.  He wasn't a horse person, but he understood all of his sisters love of them.

Last but certainly not least is our brother Donn.  He teases us all with any reason he can find!  He is the only one who has no interest in horses!  Second to oldest in the bunch, he is a fantastic brother.  He has 1 daughter, and 1 son who gave him a granddaughter who is absolutely the light of grandpa's eye.  We recently lost his wife to cancer also.  We pray Jeannie is teaching her how to ride horse in heaven.

Ann, our mother (of Peggy, Jeannie, Connie, Cindy and Todd) who has had to learn to "put up" with all the horsing around, does it with much grace and love.  Mom's are great that way!  Although she doesn't ride, she does enjoy pulling up a chair and watching while training and practicing is being done for horse shows.

We would all like to take this opportunity to thank all of the current and past transporters, friends, horse people and stable owners for the dedication and friendship shown to Jeannie during her years of running this website.  Her family greatly appreciates all the heartfelt messages and prayers during our loss of a wonderful sister.  
We miss her terribly.
Connie (Haugen) Dixon
Owner of Traveling Horse Transport and Traveling Horse
Heza Lil Tuff
Loved to do Western Pleasure shows and carry a flag at rodeo's
Impressive G Force
A Western Pleasure Grand and Grand Reserve Champion many times.
Hanna Montana
Was a decendent of Impressive who loved to do Western Pleasure/English shows.  Died in 2016