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(Transport Company, State, Owner, Email)

4M Horse Transport, GA, Heath McClure,
A Plus Services, TX, Bill Blackman,
A1 Horse Taxi, WV, Marlina Dudash,
Appy Acre Ranch & Transport, MT, Stephanie Bray,
Atlantic Horse Transport, ME, Maureen & Victor Brescia,
Black Oak Farm and Horse Transport, Inc., NJ, Jack Gordon & Gina Lupton,
Blair Garrett Horse Transport, CA, Blair & Sherri Garrett,
Blew By U Horse Transportation, CA, Billy & Felicia Brucker,
Blue Ribbon Transportation, OH, Clarence (Tom) Myers,
BoJangles Transport, OH, Robert Biddle,
Carisbrooke Transport/Dragon Horse Ranch, MN, Bill Meyer,
Circle S Horse Transport, FL, Bill Saylor,
Cobblestone Horse Transport, NY, Gregory Nunn,
Cornerstone Equine Transport, LLC, WI, Patricia Graper,
Coulter Transport, MO, KS, Clint Coulter,
Crofton Horse Transport, BC, Canada, Trish Craig,
Cross Country Horses, TX, Renee' Stuckey,
Crossroads Transport, MT, Bob Hardy,
D & D Horse Transport, CA, David Vierra,
D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC, ID, Dee & Debra Edmondson,
DDP High Desert Equine Transport, LLC, OR, Danny & Debbie Price,
Double Deuce Ranch, GA, Steve Merka,
DP MacGill Livestock Transport, WY, Dave MacGill Jr. & Susann Wilson,
Dry Creek Ranch and Stables LLC, MO, Larry Harrison,
East Coast Equine Transport, ME, Pat Thompson,
EK's Equine Services, TX, Eberhard Kissing,
Foothills Ranch, MB, Canada, Miles & Suzanne Snider,
Francisco Vidales Livestock and Horse Transport, FL, Francisco Vidales,
Gold Buckle Transportation, AB, Canada, Mark Roy,
Gretchen Lehrkind, MT, Gretchen Lehrkind,
Happy Trails Equine Transport, NM, Teddy King,
Hoosier Equine Express, IN, Joe Humes,
Horse Jitney, LLC, MD, Athena Haresign,
J Diamond D Equine Express, MT, JD Doyle,
JC Livestock Transport, MT, Jennifer Fiedler,
JJ Sander Family LLC Horse Transportation, OH, Jim Sander,
Keith's Horse Transport LLC, CO, Sylvia 'Keith' Voth,
Lone Star Ranch/Transport, GA, Rodney Wilbanks,
McLemore's Horse Transport, WA, L.J. & Kay McLemore,
Mechlin Farm, MO, Kenny Mechlin,
Montana Express Horse Transport, MT, Randy Siemsen,
Ole Cutter Farm Inc., TX, Jorge R. Bello,
Painted Oaks Transport, FL, Dianne Damico,
Pine Valley Acres Transport, NJ, Kyle Ali,
Pure Pleasure Horse Transport, MO, Shanna Clayton,
R/B Equine Transport, TX, Randy & Barb Ruhlman,
Rockin' J Transportation, OH, Jim & Linda Jonsson,
Rustic Blue Horse Transport, SK, Canada, Randy Muyres,
Rygar Farm, NY, Jeanne Ryan,
SFE Equine Transport, MO, Shirley East,
Smart N Savvy Horse Transport, VA, Ashley & Kelly Smart,
Smooth and Steady Transport, KY, Jamey & April Newman,
STR Horse Transport, LLC, FL, Rusty Newton,
Teeples Beeline Horse Transportation, UT, Wes Pettingill,
Texas Transport, TX, Lisa Crounse,
Thunder Horse Transport, CA, Mike Mitchell,
Trails End Equine Transport, GA, Joe & Lucy Fenton,
Warhorse Ranch, CO, Anthony & Andrea Harvey,
Wildsun Transportation LLC, FL, Craig Uszak,
Wings of An Angel Transport, WY, Dan LaPierre,
Wishing Well Arabians, AR, Chris Robinson,
ZA Keith Horse Transport, PA, Zachary Keith,
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I welcome all professional, honest, independant horse transportation companies who wish to be listed here but reserve the right to remove any that receive valid complaints, are determined to be brokers or who are caught giving horse owners' quote requests to anyone outside this group of horse transporters."
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Transport Company Listings
Listed by seniority (transporters near the top have been listed in good standing since 2003, all new listings start at the bottom.)

Your web browser's 'Find on this page' option can help you locate a specific transporter's full listing.  If you know the transporter's personal name but can't remember their business name, your web browser's search will take you to their name in the alphabetical list (above) where you can discover their business name.

Pure Pleasure Horse Transport (under new ownership in 2013), St. Louis, Missouri.  Phone: 314-475-3092, Fax: 314-475-3093, Email:, Website: www.PurePleasureHorseTransport.comServing the lower 48 states, Alaska and Canada since 2002.  We offer late model, clean comfortable equipment; also box stalls, direct ship, a totally stress free ride and the best professional handlers.  Please check out our website for complete information about our company.  We make annual trips to Alaska and Canada between May and August every year.  We are in full compliance with DOT and FMCSA.  Thank you for considering our company.  DOT# 2420250.

Wishing Well Arabians, Mena, Arkansas.  Phone: 479-234-1491, Email:, Website: www.wishingwellarabians.comServing all of USA.  We provide the most reliable transportation available anywhere.  Our ONLY priority is the safe and comfortable transport of your horse.  We are specialists in the transporting of your best friend - your horse, show horse, geriatric and rehab horse.  Exotic animal transportation available.  Coast to coast service available.  We offer competitive rates and provide the highest quality door-to-door service available.  We offer frequent updates while enroute and encourage you to contact us enroute anytime if you have any questions or concerns during your horses haul.  We look forward to working with you for all your equine transportation needs.  All trailers are air ride with video surveillance.  Slant, reverse slant and box stalls available.  Hay and water available free choice during trip.  We can always be reached by cell phone.  Credit cards accepted.  No upfront deposit required.  References available upon request.  DOT# 0000.

R/B Equine Transport, Sanger, Texas.  Phone: cell: 503-428-6048, cell: 503-881-1981, Email:, Website: www.rbpainthorses.comServing western USA and beyond.  Quality horse transportation by professional horse person.  Standing 3 APHA stallions and have quality Paint horses for sale.  DOT# 0000.

Teeples Beeline Horse Transportation, South Jordan, Utah.  Phone: 801-446-7723, 888-583-9575, Email: teeplesbeeline@hotmail.comServing western USA.  Owner/Operator has been transporting horses for over 15 years.  We have regular scheduled trips from Utah to Oklahoma/Texas, Utah and Southern California and intermediate locations on these trips.  DOT# upon request.

Carisbrooke Transport/Dragon Horse Ranch, Saint Michael, Minnesota.  Phone: 612-750-6778, Email:, Website: www.carisbrooketransport.comServing USA.  Providing box stall service throughout the USA for over 35 years.  More than just an experienced transporter I am also a breeder of Friesian horses and a competent horseman.  Regardless of a horse’s monetary value, its safety, comfort and wellbeing are my primary concern.  I maintain the best record for on-time delivery and, with my constant maintenance of up to date air-ride equipment, without delays from in-route breakdowns.  I provide safe, caring and knowledgeable service for those who care enough about their horses to demand the best.  DOT# 735576.

Rockin' J Transportation, Marion, Ohio.  Phone: 740-383-3044,  Email: rockinj@roadrunner.comServing all of the continental US with the exception of the states northeast of OH, KY and NC.  Good communication and customer satisfaction are our main objectives while providing comfortable, efficient and direct delivery of our 'passengers'.  Their comfort is primary and includes patience and calm handling, constant availability of hay and water and regularly scheduled rest stops.  Overnight boarding arranged upon request.  Regular vehicle/trailer maintenance and cleanings.  We provide excellent service and fair pricing.  A plethora of excellent references provided upon request.  DOT# 0000.

Montana Express Horse Transport, Billings, Montana.  Phone: 1-866-325-0108, Email:, Website: www.montanaexpresshorsetransport.weebly.comServing USA.  Montana Express Horse Transportation is a family owned and run horse hauling business.  I retired and decided that I wanted to haul horses.  We offer safe reliable horse transportation.  DOT# 0000.

Thunder Horse Transport, Bakersfield, CA.  Phone: 661-302-6999, Email: thtransport@yahoo.comServing West Coast and surrounding areas.  Small family owned company with heart.  We strive to take the stress out of horse transport.  We encourage phone communication with our clients during the transport if for nothing else just to assure them that all is going well.  DOT# 0000.

Hoosier Equine Express, Scottsburg, Indiana.  Phone: 812-889-2030, 812-595-1904 and 812-595-0128, Email: hoosierexp@yahoo.comServing nationwide USA.  We are a family owned and operated business that is devoted to giving your equine the very best care possible.  We have bred, raised and shown horses for over 25 years.  We stop every 3 to 4 hours to tend to the needs of your horse.  Our goal is to give satisfaction to both the horse and owner in a very professional manner.  We are located in southern Indiana to serve your requests nationwide.  DOT# 1549085.

Trails End Equine Transport, Sale City, Georgia.  Phone: 229-336-2941, Email: trailend@bellsouth.netServing USA.  Experienced professional horse people providing quality care and service nation wide.  We have regularly scheduled routes from FL/GA going west and from FL/GA going north.  Trucks are managed by experienced horsemen/horsewomen, have mobile communications and stop every 3 to 4 hours to check horses, water, and hay.  Trails End specializes in QUALITY transportation with professional horse people experienced in all areas of the shipping process ready to serve you.  DOT# 0000.

A Plus Services, Shepherd, Texas.  Phone: 936-425-6007, Email: a_plus_services@yahoo.comServing Southeast, Southwest USA.  35 years hauling horses, training & showing.  Holding facilities available.  All new equipment.  Direct runs if needed.  DOT# 1614045.

Lone Star Ranch/Transport, Commerce, Georgia.  Phone: 706-202-4365, Email:, Website: www.LSRhorses.comServing all 48 states of USA.  Lone Star Ranch is a family owned ranch in north Georgia specializing in horses for the beginners.  We transport in a new 6 horse slant all aluminum Exiss, with padded walls, floor, on board water system, full length dividers.  Safe dependable horse transport with plenty of references from years of transporting.  We are fully licensed & insured.  May God bless your horse adventure!  US DOT#961125.

Circle S Horse Transport, Reddick, Florida.  Phone: 713-899-8739, Email:, Website: www.circleshorse.comServing 48 states of USA.  DOT licenced and insured including cargo insurance. Visit our web site and let our references speak to our services.  Customers say it best.  DOT# 1292358.

D & D Horse Transport, Oakdale, California.  Phone: 209-568-6624, Email:, Website: www.ddhorsetransport.comServing USA.  D and D Horse Transport prioritizes the care of your horse!  We have been in business for over 20 years.  Horse's are our life.  Moving your horse no longer needs to be a stressful event for the horse or for you.  We understand how to care for horses under the special circumstances of horse shipping.  This is vitally important to your horse's trip and to your peace of mind.  We offer overnight stops off the trailer and professional care.  We now have video monitoring.  DOT# 0000.

Horse Jitney, LLC, Highland, Maryland.  Phone: 301-526-8273, Email:, Website: www.horsejitney.comServing east of the Mississippi.  Horse Jitney, LLC maintains two custom-built horse trailers, one Hawk 4 horse head to head with three large box stalls separated by a floor to ceiling, ventilated wall, and a 2-horse Kingston gooseneck built for the large horses and has a box stall built in.  The owner/driver is a veterinary technician and horse breeder.  We specialize in moving mares with foals and bad loaders.  In addition, we also operate a horse show shuttle in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Check out our website at  DOT# 1721853.

Double Deuce Ranch, Monroe, Georgia.  Phone: 770-778-1300, Email:, Website: www.haulinghorses.comServing United States and Canada.  Reliable horse transportation since 1983 with one on one care and door to door service for our customers' horses.  We are horse owners and treat your horses as we would our own.  DOT# 0000.

East Coast Equine Transport, York, Maine.  Phone: 207-363-7055, 603-387-6622, Email:, Website: www.equine-transport.netServing USA & Canada.  We offer complete equine transports services for 48 states and Canada - nationwide.  Team drivers w/over 35 years of experience.  References available.  Completely insured and licensed.  Regular routine stops are made to feed, water and rest your horse.  Layovers available.  DOT# 0000.

McLemore's Horse Transport, Deer Park, Washington.  Phone: 509-995-2140, Email:, Website: www.McLemoresHorseTransport.comServing 48 contiguous states of USA.  Semi pulling Pegasus air ride van (18-wheeler); every stall box stall--we do not tie.  With 8'6" ceiling, can safely & comfortably transport all sizes, miniatures to drafts.  Husband & wife team; we pickup, we deliver.  Cell phone & laptop computer WIFI service to keep in contact with owners.  Many options for temperature adjustment for horse comfort in all seasons.  200 gallons water carried on board (heated in winter), plumbed to each breezeway.  Audio/video monitoring from cab of our truck.  DOT registered and compliant in all 48 states.  DOT# 1523101.

Rustic Blue Horse Transport, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Phone: 306-771-2219, 306-526-7006, Email: rusticblueranch@gmail.comServing Canada & United States.  Rustic Blue Horse Transport has been safely transporting horses for 20 years.  Our experienced horsemen/drivers are reliable and our first priority is the comfort and safety of your horse(s).  We are licensed and bonded to handle transportation of horses within both Canada and the United States.  (Canada license #'s) DOT# 0000.

Ole Cutter Farm Inc., Decatur, Texas.  Phone: 786-255-3852, Email:, Website: www.texascuttinghorses.comServing all of USA and export to central South America.  We have over 20 yrs of experience in the horse industry.  Our trucks & trailers meet USDA inspection standards.  Some of our customers include AQHA presidents (local & abroad), national & international Paso Fino champions, Brazilian reining champion, Olympic contenders & everyday pleasure horses.  DOT# 0000.

Gold Buckle Transportation, Dalemead, Alberta, Canada.  Phone: 406-465-9458, 403-936-5654, Email: wchamp92@gmail.comServing USA & Canada.  I have hauled horses successfully for thirty years.  I stop every night and I'm an extremely safe driver.  DOT# 1701898.

DDP High Desert Equine Transport, LLC, Sprague River, Oregon.  Phone: 541-891-3127, 541-891-1012, Email:, Website: www.ddphighdesertequinetransport.comServing all of the USA.  Put your horse in the hands of knowledge, experience and someone who truly cares.  Hi, our names are Danny & Debbie Price.  We pride ourselves on providing safe, reliable, on-time transportation at a very competitive price.  DDP High Desert Equine Transport, LLC is more than qualified in all areas.  We have been breeding, training and showing championship horses including Macho Town Chica, APHA Supreme Ch./Superior All-Around for 30 years.  We have 22 yrs Class “A” commercial, accident & citation free driving experience, including “ice” roads.  Our equipment is top notch!  Our 6 horse, slant load trailer has 2 ramps and drop down windows with bars, slider windows and overhead vents on each stall which allows us to regulate the temperature and airflow.  The horse area is fully insulated and equipped with huge exhaust fans.   Every stall has a ceiling-to-floor, front-to-back, solid, stud wall divider which ensures the safety of your animal and can configure into box stalls.  You will be talking personally with only Danny & Debbie, not some office or terminal making your transport a very personal and reassuring experience.  DOT# 1910864.

Texas Transport, Joshua, Texas.  Phone: 817-443-4955 (email contact preferred), Email: texastransport1@gmail.comServing transportation in Texas only.  Experienced horseman will move your horse anywhere in the state of Texas.  DOT# 0000.

Blew By U Horse Transportation, Santa Rosa, California.  Phone: 707-586-7874, 707-695-5901, Email:, Website: blewbyuhorsetransportation.weebly.comServing all states.  2 trips weekly, north Cal to south.LA.  Personal care, professional service.  Always free booking.  30 years experience hauling, specializing in stallions mare & foals and first timers.  Custom  trailer, private slots with custom built doors and box stalls for all your horses safety needs.  Door to door service.  Your beloved horses are hauled in a first class rig.  Clean, safe, dependable.  Please call 707-586-7874 for friendly customer care.  Satisfaction guaranteed always.  DOT# 0000.

JJ Sander Family LLC Horse Transportation, Bowling Green, Ohio.  Phone: 419-262-2331, Email: jjsanderhorsetrans@yahoo.comServing Central, Southern and Eastern USA.  Hauling available from Ohio to Florida or Texas and all states in between.  Very dependable and has references.  DOT# 1957099.

ZA Keith Horse Transport, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Phone: 412-287-7042, Email:, Website: www.zakeithhorsetransport.comServing USA.  We are a small family owned and operated company from the northern Pittsburgh PA area that was founded in 2008.  In 2010, we became an authorized service provider for US Rider.  We specialize in transporting 1-3 horses at a time.  This ensures your horse will have our undivided attention and will be on the trailer for the least amount of time as possible.  We box stall horses, untied, unless otherwise specified.  We transport in a fully enclosed horse trailer that is equipped with a side & rear loading ramp.  Being horse owners ourselves, we are experienced and professional horse handlers.  We are in full compliance with USDOT and FMCSA.  We have plenty of references upon request.  DOT# 1854062.

Crofton Horse Transport, Crofton, British Columbia, Canada.  Phone: 250-246-8888, Email:, Website: www.croftontransport.comServing Canada & USA.  Crofton Transport is a certified livestock transporter providing door to door service throughout Canada and the USA.  We are dedicated to the care and safety of your horses, livestock & pets.  We combine 35 years of horsemanship, strict safety standards, new equipment and professional trucking for a winning combination!  We are a small company and pride ourselves on our tailored approach to each individual trip.  We've earned our reputation through hard work, knowledge and our dedication to safety...since 2001.  DOT# (given upon request).

Francisco Vidales Livestock and Horse Transport, Interlachen, Florida.  Phone: 386-937-7644, Email: vidalesfamilyfarm@yahoo.comServing nationwide.  We are a family owned and run transport service.  We have been in business for 13 years.  We have very good references available upon request.  We service all the continental United States.  We offer discounts for multiple animals and repeat business.  DOT# 2007421.

Foothills Ranch, Roseisle, Manitoba, Canada.  Phone: 204-828-3556, Email:, Website: www.foothillsranch.comServing all of USA and Canada.  We pride ourselves on the services we provide.  Experienced horse handlers and drivers.  Video monitor and regular stops to rest, water and feed.  Foothills Ranch is a family owned and operated equine ranch and equine transport company.  Hauling horses throughout the USA and Canada.  Our goal is to transport your horse to its destination safely, reliably and economically.  Quality and care you can count on with over 20 years experience.  We provide updates to owners during transportation and can accommodate special needs.  Our trailer is fully air ride with electric/hydraulic brakes to ensure the safety and comfort of your horse.  We also offer a large selection of AQHA registered foals and horses directly off of our website.  Contact us for a quote.  DOT# 1992018.

Mechlin Farm, Wright City, Missouri.  Phone: 314-766-0031, Email:, Website: www.Mechlinfarm.comServing coast to coast.  At Mechlin Farms we offer a wide range of hauling services.  We will do coast to coast hauling.  We have been in the hauling business for 10 years.  We stop to water ever two hours and check horses.  Will not make a ton of stops on the way so your horse will not be stuck on the trailer for longer than necessary.  We always use the same driver who knows horses and how to look for problems.  DOT# 0000.

Black Oak Farm and Horse Transport, Inc., Egg Harbor, New Jersey.  Phone: 609-332-8275, Email: horseracn2@aol.comServing East Coast, Florida to Canada.  Making weekly trips up and down the coast.  Custom made trailer with extra large stalls.  Box stalls available.  Video monitored by team drivers.  Available for local and long distance hauls.  DOT# 1952661.

Keith's Horse Transport LLC, Franktown, Colorado.  Phone: 303-489-3047, Email: skvoth@hotmail.comServing continental USA.  Small company with personalized service.  20 years experience.  Custom care, direct service, bi-monthly trips to Texas.  Transport all disciplines, specializing in hunter/jumpers.  Your horses' comfort and safety is my priority!  DOT# 0000.

Dry Creek Ranch and Stables LLC, Rolla, Missouri.  Phone: 573-364-8737, Email:, Website: www.drycreekranchandstables.comServing all 48 states.  Local and long distance equine transport, good equipment and reasonable rates.  Fresh water and good grass hay available at all times.  Over 15 years experience.  Custom hauling for the horse owner who wants their horse right away.  DOT# 0000.

D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC, Rathdrum, Idaho.  Phone: 208-699-6956, 208-818-1464, Email:, Website: www.edmondson-horsetransport.comServing Pacific Northwest, CA, AZ, CO, WY, UT & MT.  D. Edmondson Horse Transport LLC is a new company with an owner/operator who has been in the horse transport business (driver) for 30 years.  DOT# 2112046.

Pine Valley Acres Transport, Franklin, New Jersey.  Phone: 973-209-6101, Email:, Website: www.pinevalleyacres.comServing NJ, NY, PA, VA, FL, TX, AL, MS, LA, GA, SC, NC, CT, MA, WV, OK, AR, MD, DE.  We are a fully insured legal horse transport company running multi rigs, all air ride.  We can provide box stalls, stall and a half’s or single stalls.  We pride ourselves on reliability and the stress free shipping for the horse and owner.  We make regular trips to and from FL and TX from the northeast.  DOT# 1742507.

SFE Equine Transport, Galena, Missouri.  Phone: 262-470-5672, Email: sfe4ever@yahoo.comServing USA.  We are a small dependable horse transport service that cares about you and your horse.  We offer direct shipments, hay/water and individual box stalls.  Our custom stock trailer is 7'wide, 7' tall. We have 3 - 7x10 box stalls that are matted w/pine shavings.  Horses are loose not tied for a stress free experience.  Dividers from floor to ceiling.  We stop every 2-3 hrs to rest and check on your horse and replenish hay/water.  More than 1 day trips, we stop 6-8 hrs at night to rest.  We also keep constant communication with you throughout the trip.  We have 20+ years experience owning and hauling horses.  We have competitive rates.  Newer equipment, well maintained and clean.  Fully insured/CDL.  DOT# 0000.

Rygar Farm, Goshen, New York.  Phone: 845-294-6254, 845-270-8195, Email:, Website: www.rygarhorsetransport.comServing Northeast, Midwest, Dakotas, MN, WI & IL.  Family owned transport company with personal service, safe rig and economical for all horse owners.  Notable references from top professionals in all facets of the horse industry.  We are conviently located 15 minutes to the USDA import center and 1.5 hours from JFK.  I have also become quite savvy with the international paper work.  Web site under construction.  DOT# 2262213.

Cross Country Horses, Whiteboro, Texas.  Phone: 214-535-0982 or 903-421-1454, Email:, Website: www.crosscountryhorses.comServing coast to coast 48 states.  We are a small family owned and operated business with over 37 years experience in the horse industry.  We raise performance horses and have a fleet of trucks covering the United States.  (We have at least one rig in California weekly.)  DOT# 0000.

Smart N Savvy Horse Transport, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.  Phone: 276-768-7542, Email:, Website: www.snshorsetransport.comServing the Continental US.  Smart N Savvy is dedicated to providing professional but personal equine transport services.  Specializing in private hauls, box stalls, broodmare/foal and geriatric shipping.  Air ride truck with a hands-free phone system.  Trailer is custom built and a comfortable ride with rubberized torsion axles.  We stop every 3-4 hrs routinely for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow your horse to relax, offer fresh water and observe vitals and elimination.  Your peace of mind and your horse's safety are most important!  Over a decade of nationwide happy clients!  Word of mouth and repeat business are the majority of our clients but we welcome new customers always!  Contact us for more information.  DOT# 0000.

Crossroads Transport, Columbia Falls, Montana.  Phone: 406-261-8332, Email: crossroads_farms@yahoo.comServing lower 48.  Trailer is 2013 Trails West 6 horse slant, camera equipped.  Personal care always.  Owner/driver Bob Hardy has been in business since 2005.  DOT# (given upon request).

Blair Garrett Horse Transport, Tehachapi, California.  Phone: 661-972-1580, Email: Skipachance@yahoo.comServing western United States and the United States.  This is a family owned business with a primary purpose of taking special care of your horses.  We know how special these animals are to you and we consider them as one of our own family.  The horses are supplied with food and water along with frequent stops and overnight turnouts to make the trip as stress free as possible.  Phone communication is encouraged and provided during the trip which usually means we gained some new best friends at the end of the trip.  I have been involved with several horse rescues so I have a deep appreciation of horses and their needs.  DOT# 0000.

Cornerstone Equine Transport, LLC, Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  Phone: 715-362-6333, Email: cornerstoneequinetransportllc@gmail.comServing central and eastern USA.  I've been shipping horses professional for about 12 years.  I'm a part-time shipper.  I only ship 1-3 horses in large box stalls in an air ride horse van.  Check me out on Facebook.  I also work at our equine vet clinic the rest of my time.  DOT# 983045.

A1 Horse Taxi, Fairmont, West Virginia.  Phone: 304-322-0079, Email:, Website: www.a1horsetaxi.comServing northeast to Texas and all areas in between.  Caring, professional, safe and reliable transportation for your horse.  Every horse is off the trailer every night, no additional charge.  DOT# 0000.

Happy Trails Equine Transport, Clovis, New Mexico.  Phone: 888-887-2457, 575-763-3443, Email:,Website: www.happytrailsequinetrans.comServing USA.  Family owned company specializing in quality service and equipment.  24 hour service.  DOT# 665223.

BoJangles Transport, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Phone: 513-315-9013, Email:, Website: www.BoJanglesHorseTransportation.comServing Ohio, Kentucky, Indian and Michigan.  BoJangles is a specialty transporter for moving one or two horses.  Whether it is local in the Tri-State area around Cincinnati, Ohio or regionally up to 1000 miles, services are provided with care and safety.  BoJangles is not a route carrier.  Your horses are moved on your schedule and not mixed with other owners' horses.  A two horse, slant load, step in trailer is used and can be configured for either one or two horses.  This is not a stock trailer.  DOT# 0000.

4M Horse Transport, Commerce, Georgia.  Phone: 706-540-6022, Email: mlsranch@gmail.comServing all of USA.  4M Horse Transport is a family owned business in Georgia.  We specialize in reliable and safe transport for your horse.  We have a 4 horse Featherlite trailer with dividers, drop down windows on head side and sliding windows on tail side with fresh shavings, fresh water and hay on board for the horses.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at anytime, thanks.  DOT# 0000.

EK's Equine Services, Greenville, Texas.  Phone: 480-291-2333, Email: ek.equine@gmail.comServing US nationwide, lower 48.  25 years of professional experience in the transport business. Over 30 years of hauling horses by my self.  More than 40 years of horsemanship.  I care of your horse, like it is my own. Thank you for trusting me.  DOT# 0000.

J Diamond D Equine Express, Philipsburg, Montana.  Phone: 406-552-8032, 936-676-7774, Email:, Website: http://jdiamondd.comServing lower 48 states.  We are family owned and operated equine transport service. Over 30 years experience in all aspects of horse industry including transporting throughout the US.  We are based in Montana and Texas.  We use 6 horse slant, fully insulated for your horses comfort.  Hay and water in front of horses at all times, with stops every 3-4 hours and overnight layover for extended transports.  Your horse will be treated as our own and your horse's safety is our top priority.  You can reach us in route at any time for updates.  All calls and emails will be returned ASAP.  DOT# 0000.

Painted Oaks Transport, Lake City, Florida.  Phone: 386-754-0905, Email:, Website: United States.  Painted oaks transport is a nationwide shipping company based in central Florida.  A safe reliable horse hauling with 30 years experience.  Available 24/7 if you need help.  DOT# 0000.

Wildsun Transportation LLC, Okeechobee, Florida.  Phone: 561-254-4582, Email:, Website: www.wildsuntransport.comServing the lower 48 states, Canada and Alaska.  A small equine transport company with the horses comfort in mind.  Customer service is our main priority.  Transportation services to fit our client’s needs.  Communication through the whole travel service is happily provided.  Quality commercial level equipment.  DOT# 2440515.

Atlantic Horse Transport, Mt. Vernon, Maine.  Phone: 207-293-4948, 207-590-7510, Email:, Website: www.atlantic-horse-carriers.comServing east coast and west of the Mississippi.  We are a professional transport company. Our equipment: 4 horse head to head Exiss with storage for tack, box stall available upon request.  We take great pride in our business; a transport company of horse people for horse people.  We have over 30 yrs. experience handling horses.  We are horse owners also.  We love what we do; we are a small family owned company.  Call us with any questions.  DOT# 0000.

JC Livestock Transport, Great Falls, Montana.  Phone: 406-931-0864, Email: jclivestocktransport@gmail.comServing USA and Canada.  We are a small family company, with people who are very experienced in both cattle and horses.  We offer professional service and animal safety is our main priority.  DOT# 0000.

Blue Ribbon Transportation, Rushsylvania, Ohio.  Phone: 614-599-7776, 614-599-7774, Email: blueribbontransportation@yahoo.comServing USA.  Our drivers are professional drivers but horsemen/women first and foremost.  All of our shipments, both local and long hauls, have 2 drivers to handle all of your horse’s special needs.  We pride ourselves in the expert care you and your family members receive.  We treat all of our passengers as we would our own kids.  To us, our horses are as much a part of our family as our children.  DOT# 2419769.

Warhorse Ranch, Pueblo, Colorado.  Phone: 719-406-9010, Email:, Website: www.warhorseranchtransport.netServing continental USA & Canada.  Anthony drives the truck and Andrea runs the office in a new Dodge 3500 and a 9 horse slant trailer.  We are licensed and insured.  We usually run only 1 driver and he drives 12-14 hours a day with his stops included.  We re-water every 3 hours and feed 2xs a day.  We do a regular CA-AZ-CO-MN-WI-MI and back loop every other week.  DOT# 2449333.

STR Horse Transport, LLC, Morriston (Ocala), Florida.  Phone: 281-989-8186, Email:, Website: www.strhorsetransport.comServing all states.  Horse transporter in the Ocala, FL area.  Can haul up to 8 horses in a late model head to head trailer with ramp.  Our trailer is 8 ft tall on the inside and 8 ft wide on the inside.  We have a camera monitoring system in the trailer so our drivers can monitor your horses while in transit.  Also, can haul tack associated with moving horses around.  Mainly haul race horses between farms and tracks, nationwide.  Will haul any type horse, anywhere.  We care for your horses like they were our own.  We stop every 4 hours to check and water the horses.  Hay will be provided upon request.  We are legal, DOT compliant and INSURED.  All of our divers are Class A CDL licensed drivers.  We do local, regional and long distance hauling.  We have transported for some of the well known breeders and trainers in the area.  References available upon request.  We are looking forward to becoming business partners with our new shippers.  I want to thank you in advance for your business.  DOT# 2431141.

DP MacGill Livestock Transport, Daniel, Wyoming.  Phone: Dave 307-212-1456, Susann 918-208-7197, Email: macgilldave@gmail.comServing USA.  We are a Wyoming based horse and livestock transport company.  We are based out of Daniel, WY serving the lower 48 states nationwide.  We have years of experience with horses.  Please feel free to give Susann a call for quotes, booking and availability.  We strive to give you our best with customer service and a great attitude.  You animals will be in great hands with those who know horses and how hard they can sometimes be.  We are not limited to just horses as we can help you move all other stock as well.  Our trailer is a new Platinum Coach 6 horse slant with removable dividers.  The trailer has 24' on the stock floor and measures 7'7" tall and 7'10" wide so we can move many of your bigger horses.  Thank you for looking at our ad and we look forward to hearing from you.  DOT# 1714300.

Gretchen Lehrkind, Bozeman, Montana.  Phone: 406-579-8979, Email: Drifter_10@hotmail.comServing USA coast to coast and Canada.  I have 15 years of experience with horses with my background as a vet tech, horse owner and boarding facility manager.  I have been professionally trained as a long haul driver, growing up in a logging operation.  You can feel at ease when transporting your equines knowing I have extensive knowledge on equine health and a safe driving record.  DOT# (pending).

Appy Acre Ranch & Transport, Joliet, Montana.  Phone: 406-839-3592, Email:, Website: 48 US states.  Family owned and operated.  10+ years experience in hauling, lifetime of equine experience!  Tons of references available.  Short and long distance hauls.  DOT# 0000.

Coulter Transport, Kansas City, Missouri & Overland Park, Kansas.  Phone: 352-804-8206, 913-837-4914, Email:, Website: www.coulterhorsetransport.comServing coast to coast.  Horse transportation coast to coast.  DOT# 1017668.

Cobblestone Horse Transport, Clifton Springs, New York.  Phone: 800-721-7806 ofc, 315-374-2596 cell, Email: cobblestonehorse@msn.comServing all of the east coast and as far west as Kentucky and Texas.  Company owned and operated by owner who is a horse owner, trainer and rider all of his life.  Owner has been transporting horses for over 50 years.  DOT# 517722.

Smooth and Steady Transport, Marion, Kentucky.  Phone: 270-704-2649, Email:, Website: (coming soon).  Serving lower 48 states.  Husband & wife team that have experience in hauling and handling, training and selling for the last 20 years.  We have taken a break but are now ready to serve you!  Your horse will be pampered along the way.  April loves to love on your horses as if they are hers.  All horses have water and hay at all times.  Horses are rested every 2-3 hours.  Extremely long hauls may require an overnight in horse motel or at our facility.  We have state of the art 7 stall barn with 36 ft round pen indoor.  Website will soon be up and running.  Thanks for taking at a look at Smooth & Steady Transport.  We look forward to hearing from you :)  DOT# 0000.

Wings of An Angel Transport, Powell Wyoming.  Phone: 307-202-0736, Email:, Website: western states.  Wings of An Angel Transport is fully licensed and insured to transport horses, with Class A CDL and 30 plus years of transporting, training or shoeing horses.  Equipment is always clean and dependable.  No hired drivers, always available by cell phone.  Custom 6 horse slant load Charmac with extra wide and long stalls.  Food and water available at all times.  Dividers can be removed with two compartments large enough to haul 8 to 12 horses loose.  See website for references, contract and additional information.  I would be honored to do business with you.  You will have comfort knowing our ‘Wings’ are carrying your precious cargo!  DOT# 837148.

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