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(Transport Company, State, Owner, Email)

A Plus Services, TX, Bill Blackman,
Able Carriage Horse Transport, MT, Jim Priest,
Albright Transport LLC, OK, Steve Albright,
BIG EQ Transportation, LLC., NJ, Maureen Russo,
Blair Garrett Horse Transport, CA, Blair & Sherri Garrett,
Broken Road Ranch, OR, Nick & Penny Kolias,
C & K Equine Transportation, AZ, Chuck Walker & Kelly Lawrence,
Carisbrooke Transport/Dragon Horse Ranch, MN, Bill Meyer,
Circle S Horse Transport, FL, Bill Saylor,
Convenience Transport, PA, J.E. Christine,
Cross Country Horses, TX, Renee' Stuckey,
D & D Horse Transport, CA, David Vierra,
D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC, ID, Dee & Debra Edmondson,
DDP Equine Transport, LLC, OR, Danny & Debbie Price,
Dickson Equine Stage Lines, TX, Bobby & Rhonda Dickson,
Elite Horse Shipping, LLC, NY, George Gilbert,
Equine Transport, CT, Chuck Sharples,
Foothills Ranch, MB, Canada, Miles & Suzanne Snider,
Giddy Up 'N Go LLC, PA, Cindy Dawson,
Gone Gypsy Horse Transport, FL, Theresa Yates,
Gunrock Hauling, CO, Allen Rael,
Happy Trails Equine Transport, NM, Teddy King,
Horseshoe Hill Farm, GA, Wade Morris,
Keith's Horse Transport LLC, CO, Sylvia 'Keith' Voth,
Lone Star Ranch/Transport, GA, Rodney Wilbanks,
Mechlin Farm, MO, Kenny Mechlin,
Montana Express Horse Transport, MT, Randy Siemsen,
Owl Creek Horse Transportation, WY, Terry Burr,
Oxford Equine Transportation LLC, CO, Ashlie Hall,
R/B Equine Transport, TX, Randy & Barb Ruhlman,
Rancho Deluxe, NE, J F Policky, Email:
RBP Transport, TX, Donnie & Sandra Peavy,
Rockin' J Transportation, OH, Jim & Linda Jonsson,
Rocking Horse Ranch Transport, AZ, Paul ‘Swede’ Oman,
Rustic Blue Horse Transport, SK, Canada, Randy Muyres,
Rygar Horse Transport, PA, Angel Garcia,
Thunder Horse Transport, CA, Mike Mitchell,
Toler Equine Transport, MO, Jan Toler,
Trails End Equine Transport, GA, Joe & Lucy Fenton,
Wings Of An Angel Transport, WY, Dan LaPierre,
Worley's Hauling, TX, William & Mari Worley,
Yetter Equine Transport, CA, Thomas Yetter,
ZA Keith Horse Transport, PA, Zachary Keith,
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'HDD Imperial Phantom'.....Traveling Horse II
Transport Company Listings
Listed by seniority (transporters near the top have been listed in good standing since 2004, all new listings start at the bottom.)

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R/B Equine Transport, Sanger, Texas.  Phone: cell: 503-428-6048, cell: 503-881-1981, Email:, Website: www.rbpainthorses.comServing western USA and beyond.  Quality horse transportation by professional horse person.  Standing 3 APHA stallions and have quality Paint horses for sale.  DOT# 0000.

Carisbrooke Transport/Dragon Horse Ranch, Saint Michael, Minnesota.  Phone: 612-750-6778, Email:, Website: www.carisbrooketransport.comServing USA.  Providing box stall service throughout the USA for over 35 years.  More than just an experienced transporter I am also a breeder of Friesian horses and a competent horseman.  Regardless of a horse’s monetary value, its safety, comfort and wellbeing are my primary concern.  I maintain the best record for on-time delivery and, with my constant maintenance of up to date air-ride equipment, without delays from in-route breakdowns.  I provide safe, caring and knowledgeable service for those who care enough about their horses to demand the best.  DOT# 735576.

Rockin' J Transportation, Marion, Ohio.  Phone: 740-383-3044,  Email: rockinj@roadrunner.comServing all of the continental US with the exception of the states northeast of OH, KY and NC.  Good communication and customer satisfaction are our main objectives while providing comfortable, efficient and direct delivery of our 'passengers'.  Their comfort is primary and includes patience and calm handling, constant availability of hay and water and regularly scheduled rest stops.  Overnight boarding arranged upon request.  Regular vehicle/trailer maintenance and cleanings.  We provide excellent service and fair pricing.  A plethora of excellent references provided upon request.  DOT# 0000.

Montana Express Horse Transport, Billings, Montana.  Phone: 1-866-325-0108, Email:, Website: www.montanaexpresshorsetransport.weebly.comServing USA.  Montana Express Horse Transportation is a family owned and run horse hauling business.  I retired and decided that I wanted to haul horses.  We offer safe reliable horse transportation.  DOT# 0000.

Thunder Horse Transport, Bakersfield, CA.  Phone: 661-302-6999, Email: thtransport@yahoo.comServing West Coast and surrounding areas.  Small family owned company with heart.  We strive to take the stress out of horse transport.  We encourage phone communication with our clients during the transport if for nothing else just to assure them that all is going well.  DOT# 0000.

Trails End Equine Transport, Sale City, Georgia.  Phone: 229-336-2941, Email: trailend@bellsouth.netServing USA.  Experienced professional horse people providing quality care and service nation wide.  We have regularly scheduled routes from FL/GA going west and from FL/GA going north.  Trucks are managed by experienced horsemen/horsewomen, have mobile communications and stop every 3 to 4 hours to check horses, water, and hay.  Trails End specializes in QUALITY transportation with professional horse people experienced in all areas of the shipping process ready to serve you.  DOT# 0000.

A Plus Services, Shepherd, Texas.  Phone: 936-425-6007, Email: a_plus_services@yahoo.comServing Southeast, Southwest USA.  35 years hauling horses, training & showing.  Holding facilities available.  All new equipment.  Direct runs if needed.  DOT# 1614045.

Lone Star Ranch/Transport, Commerce, Georgia.  Phone: 706-202-4365, Email:, Website: www.LSRhorses.comServing all 48 states of USA.  Lone Star Ranch is a family owned ranch in north Georgia specializing in horses for the beginners.  We transport in a new 6 horse slant all aluminum Exiss, with padded walls, floor, on board water system, full length dividers.  Safe dependable horse transport with plenty of references from years of transporting.  We are fully licensed & insured.  May God bless your horse adventure!  US DOT#961125.

Circle S Horse Transport, Reddick, Florida.  Phone: 713-899-8739, Email:, Website: www.circleshorse.comServing 48 states of USA.  DOT licenced and insured including cargo insurance. Visit our web site and let our references speak to our services.  Customers say it best.  DOT# 1292358.

D & D Horse Transport, Oakdale, California.  Phone: 209-568-6624, Email:, Website: www.ddhorsetransport.comServing USA.  D and D Horse Transport prioritizes the care of your horse!  We have been in business for over 20 years.  Horse's are our life.  Moving your horse no longer needs to be a stressful event for the horse or for you.  We understand how to care for horses under the special circumstances of horse shipping.  This is vitally important to your horse's trip and to your peace of mind.  We offer overnight stops off the trailer and professional care.  We now have video monitoring.  DOT# 0000.

Rustic Blue Horse Transport, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Phone: 306-771-2219, 306-526-7006, Email: rusticblueranch@gmail.comServing Canada & United States.  Rustic Blue Horse Transport has been safely transporting horses for 20 years.  Our experienced horsemen/drivers are reliable and our first priority is the comfort and safety of your horse(s).  We are licensed and bonded to handle transportation of horses within both Canada and the United States.  (Canada license #'s) DOT# 0000.

DDP Equine Transport, LLC, Sprague River, Oregon.  Phone: 541-891-3127, 541-891-8199, 541-891-1012, Email:, Website: www.ddpranch.comServing all of the USA.  Hi, our names are Danny & Debbie Price and our son, Matt.   We pride ourselves on providing safe, reliable, on-time transportation at a very competitive price.  DDP Equine Transport, LLC is more than qualified in all areas.  We have been breeding, training and showing championship horses including Macho Town Chica, APHA Supreme Ch./Superior All-Around for 30 years.  We have 30 yrs Class “A” commercial, accident & citation free driving experience, including “ice” roads.  Our equipment is the best in the industry!  Our new custom-built 2014 4Star (8’ tall and wide with oversize slant stalls 6-horse trailer) gives your Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and Draft breeds plenty of room.  A back loading ramp, drop down windows with bars on both the rear and front of each stall and two overhead vents on each stall and three huge exhaust fans which allows us to regulate the temperature and airflow in the fully insulated trailer.  We have an onboard 140 gallon water tank which allows us to water your horses with good spring water no matter where we stop.  Every stall has a solid stud wall divider on the bottom and front and bars that go clear to the top and back completely enclosing your horse.  This ensures the safety of your animal and makes it perfect for minis and foals that need to lie down and also makes it safe to leave your horse untied.  We have a huge box stall for mares with foals as well.  You will be talking personally with only Danny, Debbie & Matt, not some office or terminal, making your transport a very personal and reassuring experience.  Put your horse in the hands of knowledge, experience and someone who truly cares.  DOT# 1910864.

ZA Keith Horse Transport, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Phone: 412-287-7042, Email:, Website: www.zakeithhorsetransport.comServing USA.  We are a small family owned and operated company from the northern Pittsburgh PA area that was founded in 2008.  In 2010, we became an authorized service provider for US Rider.  We specialize in transporting 1-3 horses at a time.  This ensures your horse will have our undivided attention and will be on the trailer for the least amount of time as possible.  We box stall horses, untied, unless otherwise specified.  We transport in a fully enclosed horse trailer that is equipped with a side & rear loading ramp.  Being horse owners ourselves, we are experienced and professional horse handlers.  We are in full compliance with USDOT and FMCSA.  We have plenty of references upon request.  DOT# 1854062.

Foothills Ranch, Roseisle, Manitoba, Canada.  Phone: 204-828-3556, Email:, Website: www.foothillsranch.comServing all of USA and Canada.  We pride ourselves on the services we provide.  Experienced horse handlers and drivers.  Video monitor and regular stops to rest, water and feed.  Foothills Ranch is a family owned and operated equine ranch and equine transport company.  Hauling horses throughout the USA and Canada.  Our goal is to transport your horse to its destination safely, reliably and economically.  Quality and care you can count on with over 20 years experience.  We provide updates to owners during transportation and can accommodate special needs.  Our trailer is fully air ride with electric/hydraulic brakes to ensure the safety and comfort of your horse.  We also offer a large selection of AQHA registered foals and horses directly off of our website.  Contact us for a quote.  DOT# 1992018.

Mechlin Farm, Wright City, Missouri.  Phone: 314-766-0031, Email:, Website: www.Mechlinfarm.comServing coast to coast.  At Mechlin Farms we offer a wide range of hauling services.  We will do coast to coast hauling.  We have been in the hauling business for 10 years.  We stop to water ever two hours and check horses.  Will not make a ton of stops on the way so your horse will not be stuck on the trailer for longer than necessary.  We always use the same driver who knows horses and how to look for problems.  DOT# 0000.

Keith's Horse Transport LLC, Franktown, Colorado.  Phone: 303-489-3047, Email: skvoth@hotmail.comServing continental USA.  Small company with personalized service.  20 years experience.  Custom care, direct service, bi-monthly trips to Texas.  Transport all disciplines, specializing in hunter/jumpers.  Your horses' comfort and safety is my priority!  DOT# 0000.

D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC, Rathdrum, Idaho.  Phone: 208-699-6956, 208-818-1464, Email:, Website: www.edmondson-horsetransport.comServing Pacific Northwest, CA, AZ, CO, WY, UT & MT.  D. Edmondson Horse Transport LLC is a new company with an owner/operator who has been in the horse transport business (driver) for 30 years.  DOT# 2112046.

Rygar Horse Transport, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  Phone: 845-645-8825, Email:, Website: www.Rygarhorsetransport.comServing USA, coast to coast.  Professional Horse transport, proper air ride rig for coast to coast hauling.  Fully insured for customers protection, including cargo.  Stall sizes for all budgets, family and farm relocation are our specialty.  Staff are caring horsemen, ready to answer any question or concern.  Export via JFK airport and quarantine services available for export.  Farm is 20 minutes from USDA import center for pickups or sealed loads.  DOT# 2262213.

Cross Country Horses, Whiteboro, Texas.  Phone: 214-535-0982 or 903-421-1454, Email:, Website: www.crosscountryhorses.comServing coast to coast 48 states.  We are a small family owned and operated business with over 37 years experience in the horse industry.  We raise performance horses and have a fleet of trucks covering the United States.  (We have at least one rig in California weekly.)  DOT# 0000.

Blair Garrett Horse Transport, Tehachapi, California.  Phone: 661-972-1580, Email: Skipachance@yahoo.comServing western United States and the United States.  This is a family owned business with a primary purpose of taking special care of your horses.  We know how special these animals are to you and we consider them as one of our own family.  The horses are supplied with food and water along with frequent stops and overnight turnouts to make the trip as stress free as possible.  Phone communication is encouraged and provided during the trip which usually means we gained some new best friends at the end of the trip.  I have been involved with several horse rescues so I have a deep appreciation of horses and their needs.  DOT# 0000.

A1 Horse Taxi, Fairmont, West Virginia.  Phone: 304-322-0079, Email:, Website: www.a1horsetaxi.comServing northeast to Texas and all areas in between.  Caring, professional, safe and reliable transportation for your horse.  Every horse is off the trailer every night, no additional charge.  DOT# 0000.

Happy Trails Equine Transport, Clovis, New Mexico.  Phone: 888-887-2457, 575-763-3443, Email:,Website: www.happytrailsequinetrans.comServing USA.  Family owned company specializing in quality service and equipment.  24 hour service.  DOT# 665223.

Worley's Hauling, Corsicana, Texas.  Phone: 606-524-4285, Email:, Website: www.worleyshauling.comServing nationwide.  Family owned and operated equine and exotic animal transportation throughout the United States taking care of every animal we haul as if it were our own.  Although we transport all animals, we specialize in animals with special needs such as age, blindness, diet, medication or lameness.  We offer single, double (small box) and full box stall accommodation.  Your horse's health and safety is our number one priority.  DOT# 2515077.

Albright Transport LLC, Purcell, Oklahoma.  Phone: 405-464-4161, Email: albrighttransport@gmail.comServing northeast, central and western United States.  Albright Transport moves horses over most of the lower 48 states.  Steve has been transporting horses for over 20 years and prides himself in being safe and reliable.  We are a family owned and operated business and can provide references upon request.  DOT# 2543729.

Dickson Equine Stage Lines, Smithville, Texas.  Phone: office 512-237-3493, truck 979-270-0955, Email:, Website: www.dicksonequinestagelines.comServing nationwide coast to coast.  Safe, reliable equine transportation for all vocations of horse interests.  Many years of service with an excellent DMV and references always available.  Modern comfortable equipment, operated safely at all times.  DOT# 0000.

Giddy Up 'N Go LLC, Coatesville, Pennsylvania.  Phone: 484-678-3785, Email: cindy97@msn.comServing nationwide.  We offer safe, reliable transportation for your horse.  Transportation is provided in well maintained, safe, clean equipment.  We tow with a brand new 2014 Dodge 3500 dually.  Your horse's safety and wellbeing is our first concern.  Large, roomy, warmblood size 4 horse head to head with a large center box stall that can also convert to three large box stalls means we can haul any type of horse.  Mares and foals, stallions and unhandled animals can be accommodated easily.  Ramp loading from the side and rear.  Hay at all times with regular water breaks every 3 hours.  Water is carried on board.  Regular runs to KY, TX and FL.  Tons of excellent references available.  Can do local and long distance transport and we are willing to transport other 'critters' such as goats, llamas, alpacas, small cows and puppies when we can.  All breeds, ages and sizes welcome.  Draft horse and mule friendly.  Driver has 30 years of horse experience along with extensive veterinary knowledge, is kind and compassionate and will provide excellent care for your horse throughout the trip.  Driver has hands free communication and will keep you well informed during transport.  DOT# 2577435.

Owl Creek Horse Transportation, Themopolis, Wyoming.  Phone: 307-921-1621, Email: owlcreekhorses@hotmail.comServing United States & Canada.  I have been hauling horses for 35 years and live in Thermopolis, WY.  I have 2 trailers, a 24' aluminum with 3 box stalls and good rubber mats.  The other is 20' long with 2 box stalls with good rubber mats.  The stalls are 7' high, 7' wide and 10' long.  All stalls will be lined with fresh pine shaving.  DOT# 0000.

BIG EQ Transportation, LLC., Chester, New Jersey.  Phone: 908-256-4800, Email: bigeqtransportation@gmail.comAll east coast states to central states.  Family owned and operated since 1986 based in New Jersey.  Specializing in exclusive and private horse hauling to shows, clinics, relocations, after hours and last minute transportation.  Large box stalls available for larger horses and mares with foals.  We treat your horses as if they were our own.  List of references available upon request.  DOT# 0000.

Toler Equine Transport, Eureka, Missouri.  Phone: 314-488-7774, Email:, Website: www.tolerequinetransport.comServing continental US.  Specializing in transporting 1-3 horses.  It is not just a business, but a passion caring for horses and getting them where they need to go with the least amount of stress possible.  Customer care is important too with regular status updates while on the road.  US DOT compliant.  References available upon request.  DOT# 2641933.

Convenience Transport, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 16652.  Phone: 800-532-0723, Email: joned57@verizon.netServing East Coast regional and some of the Midwest.  Over 20 yrs. as a commercial driver (CDL) and operating late model equipment with air ride suspensions.  I practice a safe, reliable and efficient service for the customers horse/horses.  I am a commercial common carrier licensed, insured and regulated by the FMCSA.  My MC#832725 and my US-dot#1126695.  Please allow me the opportunity to answer any and all questions you may have and the procedures that will be used during shipment.  Methods of payment accepted - cash, wire transfers, credit cards, verifiable cashier’s check prior to delivery.  Absolutely no personal or business checks accepted.  All shipping fees must be paid in full before horse/horses will be unloaded from company van.  You may also (Tex 814-932-8358) if you like.  Thank You, John.  DOT# 1126695.

Rocking Horse Ranch Transport, Apache Junction, Arizona.  Phone: 480-432-0530, 602-359-7994, Email:   Serving the lower 48 United States. This is a new company.  Having transported horses for many years for myself and other companies, I am now on my own.  Without the numerous pressures which exist in a large company, I have the quality time, caring and freedom to devote to giving your horse the most comfortable transport possible.  DOT# 2793763.

Equine Transport, Killingworth, Connecticut 06419.  Phone: 860-575-0020, Email:, Website: www.chucksharplesequine.comServing Maine to Florida, east of the Mississippi.  3 horse slant able to break down to hold mare and baby, additional area to fit a mini. Stops every 3-4 hours for water and hay.  Delivered on time promised.  DOT# 2784906.

Oxford Equine Transportation LLC, Durango, Colorado.  Phone: 970-759-0728, Email:, Website: www.oxfordequinetransportation.comServing all lower 48 states.  Oxford Equine Transportation LLC is a family owned business.  We take pride in our service. With all the due diligence of equine care and safety to meet your expectations.  Offering professional horse transportation from southern Colorado to the rest of the US, O.E.T. is fully DOT/MC licensed, insured and compliant.  Our trailer is a 9 horse slant complete with stud walls and convert into box stalls.  This unit is fully insulated with 16 directional overhead vents, both sides are padded, side and rear ramp loading, torsion axles for best ride, along with additional air ride system on the truck to help cushion.  O.E.T. has installed 3 closed camera monitoring system with a backup camera and an equine medical kit for safety.  Customers are kept updated during the transport.  Trailer is sanitized prior every haul.  O.E.T. looks forward to hearing your story, because every horse has one.  Making that connection for horse owners makes our world complete!  DOT# 2640838.

Gunrock Hauling, Saguache, Colorado.  Phone: 719-340-3000, 719-580-5811, Email: gunrockhauling719@gmail.comServing lower 48 states.  Accepted form of payment is through paypal or cash.  No checks accepted.  To secure all shipments, credit card will be required to be on file.  50% of agreed price is due within 48 hours of shipment.  Cancellation of shipment needs to be 24 hours before pickup or $250.00 fee will be charged to credit card on file.  Must supply good leather or nylon halter with lead rope, all health papers (Coggins, vet health papers, branding papers if applicable) and one bale of hay per horse.  Final payment due before horse will be unloaded off trailer, no exceptions.  Horse must be trained to load and unload from a trailer.  Pick up and drop off sites need to be able to accommodate a full size truck and 30 ft. horse trailer.  If site does not accommodate truck and trailer, other arrangements must be made within 30 minutes of pick up or drop off.  Driver holds final discretion on site.  $22.50 charge after first 30 minutes of trying to load.  Limited horse insurance will be provided by carrier.  Additional insurance is recommended at discretion of horse owner/buyer.  Our trailer and supplies are disinfected after every trip.  We will transport one reasonable sized item at no charge.  Additional charges for additional items.  DOT# pending.

Yetter Equine Transport, Cathedral City, California.  Phone: 760-656-4516, 301-956-9684, Email:, Website: www.yetterequinetransport.comServing CA, NV, NM, AZ, OR and ID.  Yetter Equine Transport does local, long distance, special needs, emergencies, clinic runs, show hauls, etc.  Tom Yetter is a 1983 graduate of Meredith Manor Equestrian College, with a masters in teaching and training.  We provide door to door safe horse transportation, over 30 years accident free.  DOT# 2378673.

Wings of An Angel Transport, Powell, Wyoming.  Phone: 307-202-0736, Email:, Website: http://wingsofanangel.infoServing western states.  Wings of An Angel Transport is licensed to transport horses.  Class A CDL.  With 30 plus years transporting, training or shoeing horses.  Equipment is always clean and dependable.  No hired drivers, always available by cell phone.  Custom 6 horse slant load Charmac with extra wide and long stalls, food and water available at all times.  I would be honored to do business with you.  You will have comfort knowing our ‘Wings’ are carrying your precious cargo!  DOT# 837148.

Horseshoe Hill Farm, Monticello, Georgia.  Phone: 419-235-5763, 419-235-5990, Email:, Serving USA.  Experienced horsemen with over 50 years between us.  We specialize in custom trips for your horses. Clean sanitized box stalls every trip.  First class care for your horses.  DOT# 0000.

Gone Gypsy Horse Transport, Ocala, Florida.  Phone: 352-427-7297, Email:,
Website: www.gonegypsy.netServing throughout the US and Canada.  Individual care is top priority for the horses we transport.  No more than 4 at a time with direct routes only.  We are horse owners ourselves, experienced with stallions, mares and foals.  Box stalls or straight load, we can accommodate any horse.  DOT #0000.

Elite Horse Shipping, LLC, Middletown, New York.  Phone: 845-778-1110 Ofc., 845-978-3300 Cell,
Email:, Website: www.elitehorseshipping.comServing USA East Coast & Canada.  Elite Horse Shipping is a 100% legal horse transportation business located in Montgomery, NY and is owned and operated by a transportation professional as well as a horse owner.  Drivers are professional handlers, familiar with the necessary care for racehorses and high performance equines, including new requirements for FEI.  Discounts are available on multiple horse shipments on the same trip.  Need more information about our rates & availability to transport your horse?  Please contact us by telephone and/or email, or visit our website linked above for you convenience.  We are located 5 miles from the USDA Import/Export facility.  We can do shuttle service to hubs such as Kentucky, Boston, Long Island.  Inbound sealed loads to Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky; CEM Quarantine Specific Services.  Properly accredited for Canadian border crossings.  Commercially insured.  DOT# 1857695.

RBP Transport, De Berry, Texas 75639.  Phone: 903-918-0711, 903-918-0711, Email: djpvs54@yahoo.comServing USA. & Canada.  We are new to the transport business but we have been in the horse business for 40 years.  We have an F350, a Freightliner Fl60, a 4 horse slant load sundowner and a 32 ft. flat bed.  We will take good care of your livestock.  Your consideration will be greatly appreciated.  DOT#: 0000.

C & K Equine Transportation, Florence, Arizona.  Phone: 520-518-4042 or 602-999-7912, Email: Serving USA lower 48.  We have one long haul rig and one short haul rig.  We have been hauling horses for over 30 years and are familiar with the state requirements.  Due to years of hauling, we have knowledge of lay over locations safe for horses and many relationships with veterinarians across the country.  We rest/water/feed the horses on a regular schedule or to your request.  We sill transport your horse like it was our own performance horse.  We have the availability to hold horses at our facility if needed until shipping.  DOT#: None.

Able Carriage Horse Transport, Kalispell, Montana.  Phone: 406-941-0949, Email: haglundranch@live.comServing all of USA.  Hello, and thank you for your consideration.  My name is Jim Priest and I own and operate Able Carriage Horse Transport.  I grew up on a family ranch in Wyoming and have ranched and competed in rodeo all my life.  I have hauled my family and friends horses hundreds of thousands of miles and I make a living for my family hauling your horses.  I am a 1 man operation, no hired drivers.  This means you will deal directly with me every step of the way.  I choose to run a 4 horse slant load TrailsWest trailer.  Limiting myself to 4 horses ensures complete care and dedication for each individual horse.  It also translates to a quicker trip for your horse, as I am not running all over the country picking up and dropping off other horses while your horse sits on the trailer.  My trailer offers mangers so that horses have fresh feed and water available all times, and horses are continually monitored through a closed circuit camera system between truck and trailer.  I run a cushioned hitch on the truck side and the trailer side which provides a much better ride for your horses.  Trailer is sanitized prior to each trip and fresh shavings are used daily.  As a 1 man operation, I stop each night and board the horses, ensuring plenty of time for R&R for the horses and myself.  A commitment to communication is second only to your horse’s safety and comfort.  I am available 24/7 during transport and will communicate with shippers daily.  If I book your horse, I will transport the horse no matter what.  Licensed and insured, CDL# available upon request. Thanks again.  DOT#: 0000.

Rancho Deluxe, Chadron, Nebraska.   Phone: 308-660-4682, Email: ranchodeluxe@outlook.comServing all U.S.  Insured one man show, 40 years+ hauling horses.  Horse owner/trainer 40+ years.  I typically haul 2 to 4 head at a time, using a 4 horse slant, convertible to 2 box stalls.  I don't need to stay jam packed full all the time.  Every horse is treated the same as my own would be.  My favorite 'customer' is a 'return customer'. "Thanks for your consideration" JF Policky.  DOT#: 2425053.

Broken Road Ranch, Grants Pass, Oregon.  Phone: 541-660-5217, Email: nkoliassr1959@gmail.comServing: West Coast and beyond.  We have a 2008 Ford F450 with 4wd and air ride.  Also a 4 horse Featherlite trailer with all modifications for large and small horses.  Equipped for long or short trips.  Horse smart, have had horses my whole life.  We are very diligent about keeping schedule although the horses and their safety come first.  We have hauled Warmbloods to minis, Thoroughbreds and show horses.  I have a current CDL and a perfect driving record.  I'm 56 yrs old but still willing to learn.  Thank you for your consideration.  Hope we can work together in the very near future.  We don't have a website yet but working on one.  If you need pictures, I have them.  Thank you, Nick & Penny.  DOT#: 0000.

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Don't pay hidden fees..... like you'll find on brokering websites!!

Many horse transporters are willing to haul other critters & equipment for you.
Farm/ranch moves, various livestock, small pet breeds & rescues, tack, ATV's, etc....
Transporters who conduct themselves professionally are usually honest and dependable.  Beware of those who give cheap quotes but then avoid your phone calls and emails.