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I created Traveling Horse to help fellow horse owners find honest, professional horse transportation companies that serve USA/Canada by land in a convenient, efficient manner.  The fastest way to find a horse transport company that's available for your particular needs is to submit your horse transport quote request information, that I'll forward to ALL horse transport companies that are listed on the horse transportation company page.  Then the transporters who are available for your needs will contact you directly with their quote.  It's that simple!  Horse transporters listed here do not pay a commission to win your business, so you pay ONLY the cost of your horse's trip with that transporter.  With horse hauler brokers, the highest bidder wins and the extra fees are worked into your total cost.

I strive to maintain a list of honest, dependable horse transporters....not necessarily the cheapest transporters out there.  There are still many trustworthy horse transporters out there.  I do my best to detect and remove the 'bad apples' from my website with the help of horse owner feedback.  Honest, dependable, professional independent horse transport companies are appreciated and welcome here.

Each horse transporter's listing information includes serving areas, contact info, email, phone #'s, website links and brief descriptions of each independent horse transport company.  Many horse transporters are willing to haul other critters & equipment for you, such as farm/ranch moves, various livestock, small pet breeds (puppies!) & rescue animals, tack, farm equipment, etc.

Equine boarding, training and layover stables are also listed here.  Many horse stable facilities have RV hookups for living quarter horse trailers and motor homes.  You will also find Bed & Breakfasts that offer horse facilities which are near trails and popular equine destinations.

No time to search for a horse transporter?  Not sure who to trust?  My goal is to list safe, reputable horse transporters (not necessarily the cheapest ones).  You are welcome to contact me for any feedback I might have on a particular horse transporter that you are considering. Request free horse transportation quotes from all companies at once and horse transport companies will contact you directly.  Horse owners, my website is FREE and easy to use, with no memberships or fees required.  Your horse's travel information will be forwarded to all horse transport companies at once.  Horse transportation companies who are available for your particular needs will reply directly to you with their quotes.  When you start receiving quotes to haul your horse, come back here to compare each company's listing information on the Horse Transportation page.  Most of the horse transportation companies use 6-8 horse rigs, offering door to door service as long as space allows at locations.  Some have air ride box stall trailers and can offer more specialized service and direct routes (better accommodations cost more, of course, but when I'm shipping my horse, his needs come first).  I also have horse shipping tips to help you prepare your horse and choose a transporter.

Are you traveling with your favorite equine?  Check the horse stables directory for potential horse motel (layover stables) and B&B's with horse facilities as well as regular horse stables and equestrian/training facilities.  A MapQuest link is available to help you plan your travel route.

FREE information to find equine transport companies and horse stables information, links and serving areas....with no extra fees, memberships or hassle.  Horse Shipping Tips also offered to help you prepare.

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Not visible enough to your potential customers?  Put your business where horses owners are looking.  Traveling Horse has gained horse owners' trust over the years because unprofessional/unethical transporters are not allowed.  Average 20-40 transport quote requests per day (highest record of 69 was set June 29, 2005).  This is highly targeted traffic of horse people, not random hits!!  Traveling Horse brings horse owners to you so more of your time can be spent with the business of horses.

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(No transport brokers or large fleets....independent transporters only, except international transporters of course, where outside arrangements are necessary.)

Customer service is the key to any business' success!!  Traveling Horse is one place where the customer isn't forgotten.....the evidence is in the web site traffic and transport quote requests that are filled out daily!!  See what customers and businesses have to say.....Testimonials.  Need more information about listing your Stables or Horse Transportation company?

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